It’s Finally Here!

by J D Wise

Monday, August 21, 2017 09:00 AM

After years of writing and editing (and editing and editing), Postdiluvian: The Ancient Chronicle is finally here!

This book started with an idea I had while in college, and I started (and abandoned) many drafts while trying to work out the story I wanted to tell. Finally, a number of years ago, I had worked out most of the details and finally just said to myself, “All right. This one is it.” And so I started writing the draft that became this book.

And I wrote very slowly.

The story still changed quite a lot from the time I started, and I had to go back a number of times and work out various details and events. But in the end, I came up with a story that I liked and was happy with.

Then came the editing.

And I edited for an embarrassingly long time. I’m rather a perfectionist, and I labored over every sentence much more than I should have. (Especially since I know that for all my effort, I certainly missed a number of things). After I was happy with my edits, I got the book professionally edited as well.

Now’s the part where you come in! After all that time and effort, I truly hope you enjoy this book. I’ve put a lot of care in its creation, and I hope it shows.

Happy reading! And happy eclipse day!