What is Postdiluvian?

December 10, 2020 9:00 pm

Postdiluvian is a space fantasy book series about a civilization of people descended from those living off world at the time of the Great Flood.  It started as the idea “What would happen if the antediluvian civilization had a space program?  Would that not be inconvenient to be in space if some global tragedy destroyed the world?”  From that kernel of an idea grew the idea of the Nanyanin and all the bits of culture that went with them.

At the time when I began writing what would become The Ancient Chronicle, fascination with worldbuilding was rising, soon to reach its peak.  That is not to say it has waned, but these days it is starting to feel old hat—every book and movie seems to focus heavily on worldbuilding, often to the detriment of the story and characters.  Despite that, I believe that Postdiluvian strikes a good balance of all those things.

My goal with Postdiluvian was to write the sort of story I would like to read—one that strikes the proper balance of things I like to see in a story.  That is a difficult thing to define succinctly, and I hope to make that known through all the various posts written here.

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